Questions You Should Be Asking Your Caterer (That You Probably Aren’t)

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Restaurants

When it comes to your big day, it can be hard to nail down all the details: dress, photographer, venue…the list just goes on and on. These are all the details that a bride needs to come together so that she can have the absolute perfect wedding. Right? Well, at Esposito Pizza and Pasta, we want you to be prepared. We have been in the food catering business for a long time, and we know all the questions you should be asking your caterer.

What Will the Servers Wear?

This is a big question because you want the catering staff to be outfitted in a way that reflects the formality of your event. They shouldn’t be too formal if you are having a barn wedding with a BBQ buffet, but they shouldn’t be too casual if you are having a black-tie affair.

Where Do the Leftovers Go?

You may think that since you paid for all that food, it will all be boxed up and sent home with you, but you should check. Some food catering companies won’t give you the leftovers for liability reasons, but some will pack it up if you provide the containers. It is a question worth asking if you were planning on dining on that wedding feast at home.

When Is the Cut-off for Changing the Head Count?

We all know some people just won’t send in the RSVP card. They might be coming; they might not be coming. Your final guest list and headcount might be harder to get than an Olympic gold medal. You will want to mark this deadline down on your calendar right away so that you know when you need to start harassing people for a commitment.

What About A Kid’s Meal?

You’ve invited your niece to be your flower girl, and your best friend’s son is going to be your ring bearer. They look adorable in their fancy clothes, all grown up, but guaranteed, they aren’t going to eat that fancy salmon dinner you ordered. Ask your caterer if they can provide kid-friendly fare to keep all the little ones happy.

Is This Locally Sourced?

Asking where the food they are catering comes from isn’t out of bounds. If it is important to you that the meals be organic or locally sourced or cruelty-free, you should ask at your very first meeting who supplies the ingredients that will end up on your plate.

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