Month: October 2011

Steps in Avoiding Bed Bugs in Motels

Most people believe that bed bugs only exist in cheap motels. Well if you are one of the believers of it then you should know that it is not true. Bed bugs do not always require grimy and unclean rooms for existence. This only means that it is always possible for...

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Top Famous Luxury Hotels

The idea of choosing luxury hotels is something that a lot of people will find attractive. From the golden taps to fine cuisines from around the planet, the experience of staying in one of the places is very special. So here are some of the luxurious hotels that you...

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Why the need to stay in luxury hotels

There are thousands of luxury hotels that are accessible all over the globe. These hotels provide a great place to stay for various types of travelers. But as the economic problems are at rise these days, is there really a need to stay in these types of hotels while...

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Community Living or Bachelor Groups

Lodges can be defined as just basic places that are rented out to travelers for small or extended periods of time. These places of dwelling are not as lavish as a star rated hotel or other properties that cater to travelers. A basic lodging can be hired either by an...

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