Steps in Avoiding Bed Bugs in Motels

by | Oct 20, 2011 | Motel

Most people believe that bed bugs only exist in cheap motels. Well if you are one of the believers of it then you should know that it is not true. Bed bugs do not always require grimy and unclean rooms for existence.

This only means that it is always possible for luxurious motels to have bed bugs. There are few steps that one should take to determine if there are bed bugs in the bed on which they relax, not only in various hotels and inns but also at their own place.

Signs of Bed Bugs

After you settle everything for your stay in various motels, the very first step that you should take once you enter your room is to look for signs of bed bugs. Check the bed sheets for bugs skin, eggs, feces, and blood. If you can’t see any then you should still check the mattress seams, bed boards and the pillows. Bed bugs may be too little so you will essentially need to be very keen in checking your bed.

Never Put Clothes on the Bed

Whether you find bed bugs or not in motels, you should always see to it that you are not putting your clothes on your bed. This may lead you to bringing bed bugs at home. Remember that there are bed bugs that are not easily determined or checked. This step is for security reasons.

Report to the Management of Motels

Once you determine that there are bed bugs in your room, it is essential for you to calmly report it to the management of the hotel. Never be self centered and exaggerate things. Once you report things like this, the management of the hotel cannot absolutely keep you to check out and look for another best accommodation. The thing is that at least you calmly inform them about their poor facilities.

bed bugs in Motels

bed bugs in Motels

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