Community Living or Bachelor Groups

by | Oct 20, 2011 | General

Lodges can be defined as just basic places that are rented out to travelers for small or extended periods of time. These places of dwelling are not as lavish as a star rated hotel or other properties that cater to travelers.

A basic lodging can be hired either by an individual or a group of individuals. The lodging arrangement may also be rented out to different people who may be forced to share the same room with strangers. Although, it works out to be a cheap accommodation, there are risks involved with security of one’s belongings. That is because you have to share the accommodation with another or more than one strangers who may just make away with your belongings and valuables.

On the flip side, this lodging arrangement can be a cheap alternative accommodation for friends or colleagues who may have to hunt for lodging accommodations which may not burn a big hole in their pockets and which may also be near their places of work.

There are different types of lodges that cater to niches of people who may have come to that place for carrying out that activity. There are hunting lodges, ski lodges, lumbering lodges. As is evident, each of these lodges are custom built with amenities that are helpful in conducting these activities.

A hunting lodge may have drawers to keep boxes of bullets, a ski lodge may have amenities to keep your skis, skiing boots, etc. Lumberman’s lodges are basically very basic lodges which have no more than a fireplace and a basic bed that the lumberman can come back to after a hard day’s work.



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