What to Expect on Vatican Tours

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Travel and Tourism

For many travel-loving people, visiting Vatican City is something they want to cross off of their bucket list. Just being able to go to Rome is a dream in itself, but you can’t just go to Rome and not see something as spectacular as the Vatican. If you’re a first-time traveler in Rome, it’s a good idea to consider taking part in the many different Vatican tours available. Depending on which agency you decide to book with, you can see a variety of different places in and near Vatican City. Here are some things to look out for before booking a Vatican tour.

Tour Guides

Because the language barrier can often pose a problem for visitors, touring the city with a tour guide who’s fluent in English can take a lot of that stress out of the picture. Ideally, your tour guide has done this many times before and can answer any questions you have about the places you visit. More importantly, your tour guide can inform you of the dos and don’ts of every area, so you don’t unknowingly have a misstep with the locals or inside a sacred place.

Group Sizes

Two of the biggest problems tourists face when they travel to any location is the big lines and overcrowded areas. Even if you leave your hotel room early, you can still come across huge crowds and long wait times at popular locations. Joining a tour group ensures that you leave at a suitable time and that you’re not stuck in a large crowd. Many touring agencies offer private and semi-private versions of their ticketed tours. Regardless of the group size, just sticking with a group and tour guide who’s knowledgeable on the area is the best way to get a great Vatican touring experience.

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