Enjoy An Elegant Place For Dining At A New York City Steakhouse

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Restaurants

Benjamin Steakhouse embodies an atmosphere and ambiance that is unlike any other place in New York City. As you enter the restaurant, you will see the outstanding attention to detail that immediately marks it as an elegant and sophisticated location for your next dinner. The decor is not the only area that you will note this superb influx of class and decorum, though.

A huge roaring fireplace that is impeccably decorated with seasonal foliage that lends depth and atmosphere to the room dominates the main dining room. Starched white tablecloths drape the perfectly laid tables as they await your presence. Candles flicker gently on each table to set the intimate mood.

Several tables are nestled in the balcony that is reached by following the gleaming wood of the elegant staircase. These cozy tables offer a stunning panoramic view of much of the restaurant — including the ornate bar — while you await your mouthwatering meal. Whether you stop in for a gourmet breakfast, meet there for a business lunch or celebrate life’s important moments with dinner, Benjamin Steakhouse is the place to be when you want an elegant setting.

The presentation of the food that Benjamin Steakhouse is famous for adds to the elegance of the dining experience. Using only the highest quality cuts of meat that are hand-picked by Chef Arturo McLeod, the staff expertly combines luscious seasonings and condiments to deliver entrees that are unlike any other you have ever tasted before. They are presented to you by a polite serving staff that possesses the type of expertise that also enables you to enjoy the perfect bottle of wine with your meal.

Since 2006, Benjamin Steakhouse’s namesake, Benjamin Prelvukaj as well as Chef Arturo McLeod, have been presenting New York city residents and visitors alike with the elegant dining experience they desire. Only the finest ingredients that meet the strict standards of both are allowed to be present within Benjamin Steakhouse.

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