The History of Gyros and Why Restaurants Everywhere Are Serving Them

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Restaurants

Perhaps one of the tastiest of traditional Greek dishes, gyros are a staple appetizer of many culturally diverse eateries. Nowadays, you can get tasty gyros almost anywhere, including from food trucks, at New Age cafes and in Italian restaurants specializing in Mediterranean dishes. If you have never tried gyros, then continue reading to get a taste of what you are missing.

More Than a Rotisserie

History traces the origins of gyros back to the Turkish Ottoman Empire, where the natives called it “doner kebab,” which translates to “rotating roast.” In the wake of the ceasefire of World War II, Middle Eastern and Anatolian immigrants introduced the savory meat dish to the Athenians, who decided that they preferred lamb gyros to the traditional Middle Eastern recipe that used pork or chicken.

The Evolution of Gyros

The original Mediterranean gyros recipe traditionally offered only two meat options: pork or chicken. Today, you can also get lamb and beef gyros at popular American-based Italian restaurants. Lamb and beef gyros are incredibly flavorful compared to the more traditional recipes.

Many restaurants offer a variety of gyros featuring the grilled meat stuffed or wrapped in flatbread or pita bread. The meat is combined with bits of onions and diced tomatoes, and the meat and vegetables are often drizzled with a white, savory tzatziki sauce. You’ll find that most restaurants with the best gyros in Mesa, AZ, serve this dish with a side of crispy french fries.

Modern Flavors of Gyros

Many Americans consider gyros a staple appetizer of fast food menus. It has taken on various cultural inspirations since it hit the mainstream American market in the 1970s, where gyros quickly became a sensation in cities like Chicago and New York. Today, you can take a scrumptious food journey and enjoy searching for the best gyros in Mesa, AZ.

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