Where Can I Find a Restaurant Serving a Poke Bowl Near Me in Charleston?

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Restaurants

If you are looking for a fresh and healthy meal, you should try a Poke Bowl. If you want to know, “Why should I get a poke bowl near me?” then read on.

What is a Poke Bowl?

For those unfamiliar with Poke Bowls, they were created in Hawaii. Poke Bowls feature a protein, which is usually raw fish. As a healthy, well-balanced meal, poke bowls include rice, vegetables, and fruit. Then they receive a flavorful dressing.

What types of Poke Bowls are available?

You can choose from four different Poke Bowls. They all start with your choice of protein. The Hawaiian Style includes Nori seaweed, pineapple, scallions, macadamia nuts, and sesame seeds. The Sweet Fire features a seaweed salad, pickled jalapeno, pineapple, pickled red onion, chili flakes, and sriracha aioli. Lo-Me consists of edamame, mango, pico de gallo, and wasabi aioli. The Chicken Bowl features hot and sour chicken, scallions, white rice, and sesame seeds. You can also build your own poke bowl.

What are the protein choices?

You can choose salmon, Ahi tuna, hot and sour chicken, pickled shiitake mushrooms, and tofu.

Are there other optional choices?

Topping choices include seaweed salad, edamame, avocado, pickled red onions, pickled cucumber, jalapenos, pineapple, mango, and carrots. Garnishes feature Nori seaweed, crispy onion flakes, scallions, macadamia nuts, chili flakes, and sesame seeds. You can choose zucchini noodles, brown rice, white rice, kale citrus salad, or an organic flour wrap as the base. The sauce choices include sriracha aioli, wasabi aioli, lemon miso aioli sweet and spicy gochujang, and ginger dressing.

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