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by | Nov 27, 2014 | Restaurants

Whether you have a wedding, party, corporate event or some other event coming up, it is important to consider the caterer. It can be difficult to find a catering company, as there are many available in each state and city, but there are a few helpful tips for searching.


Catering companies usually have reviews written about them, whether good or bad. It is up to you to find those reviews and determine which catering companies are right for you. You may also want to ask friends, family, co-workers and others that you know if they know a great caterer.

However, don’t necessarily ignore companies that have no recommendations at all online or through your friends. It may be that the company is newer or is a restaurant and catering company together.

Catering Restaurants Vs. Caterers

Many catering restaurants are popping up in large cities because it allows the restaurant to earn extra money through catering jobs. Most people don’t realize that a caterer with its own company will only do catering jobs while the restaurant will offer its fine cuisine all the time and also as a caterer. Many catering restaurants will be less expensive than a caterer as they keep their prices lower for guests and pass those lower prices in their catering capacity.


Whether you select a restaurant or caterer, you will want to schedule a tasting. This will help you decide what menu items you want to select for the event, and will provide you with a way to gauge each caterer to determine which ones you want to use. It is important to understand that the caterer will do his or her best to provide the highest quality tasting so that you select them and it is one thing to cook for two or three people and much different when cooking for hundreds. Make sure you ask them how they prepare and heat the food while waiting on all the guests.

Types of Catering

When most people think of a caterer, they think of someone who comes in, cooks the food, sets up the stations and equipment, puts everything on display and serves the food. However, most caterers have a specialty, such as small dining experiences or large-scale events. Make sure to ask about the type of catering provided to ensure it fits your needs.

Large events usually require catering for the food so that everything is perfect. For something new and different, consider Mambos Cuban Café Pizzeria for your event.

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