Benefits Of Staying In Park City Utah Hotels And Resorts

by | May 15, 2015 | Hotels

For those that are planning a vacation, employee meeting or wedding, you may want to consider Park City Utah hotels and resorts. A resort typically offers more than a simple hotel and allows for even more great fun. Benefits can include all-inclusive options, activities, amenities, less hassle and more.


While not all hotels and resorts will offer an all-inclusive option, it can be beneficial for many. With this option, you pay for everything before your trip, including beverages, gratuities, entertainment, and food. It can be costly because you’re paying a large sum of money immediately, but you won’t have to worry about bringing money to spend at the hotel.


Most of these places are situated on or very near to world-class skiing destinations for winter and also offer summer activities, such as outdoor concerts, festivals, golf, hiking, and biking, along with sitting outside and viewing the majestic mountains.


It’s always nice to consider the amenities of any hotel or resort to know what you get. Typical amenities include concierge, laundry service, room service, safety deposit boxes in the rooms and even pools and fitness areas.

Less Hassle

The best thing is that a resort is meant to be hassle free for you. Once you get there, everything’s within easy reach, including meals, alcohol, entertainment and whatever else you may want to consider. This allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation.


While not every hotel offers this service, many are realizing that their guests want to come as a family unit, but may not want to do family things all the time. It’s important for moms and dads to get out and enjoy a night to themselves.

Onsite Everything

Most people enjoy the fact that they never have to leave the resort on their vacation. While you are always free to leave and experience things outside the hotel, you have the option to stay there and have whatever you need.

Complimentary Services

In most cases, you’ll also receive some complimentary services when you visit. Of course, concierge service is always available, but you may find champagne waiting in your room or a fruit basket. You may also have airport transportation to and from the hotel for free. Many times, you’ll receive a complimentary breakfast and may qualify for other complimentary services or discounts if you stay for an extended period.

Park City Utah hotels and resorts offer something that other places simply can’t. Visit The Yarrow Hotel’s website for more information and to book your stay.

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