An Unforgettable Wedding and Reception

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Hotels

Everyone wants to have an unforgettable reception, unless of course something outrageous happens that you wouldn’t want people to remember. Every couple is different and unique. Therefore, your wedding should also be different and unique, reflecting your personalities. You may believe that it will cost too much to coordinate such an affair that guests will be talking about long after the ‘I do’s. This isn’t true. In fact, wedding’s often done on a budget, tend to be the most unique and memorable weddings. It causes you to truly think outside the box. Non-traditional weddings are usually a lot less expensive. However, in order to pull of a wedding that is unforgettable, you will have to do some planning.

Planning a Wedding that is Truly Unique

One of the first things you will want to consider, once you have set your budget, is where you will actually exchange your vows. Will it be in someone’s home, yard, beach, park, etc.? Again, this goes back to your individual personalities. Are you someone who likes a traditional wedding but who likes non-traditional wedding receptions? Do you like a simple, laid-back environment without the traditional features of a wedding? Where do you feel you will be the most comfortable and which type of venue will express who the two of you truly are? These are questions you should consider before settling on a wedding venue.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Many couples opt for the traditional wedding but spice things up a bit when it comes to their wedding reception. This is your time to shine and create that unforgettable occasion. Guests do not easily forget fun and interesting wedding receptions. This is where you and your fiancé will have to think outside the box a bit. Reflect on who you are, collectively. Once you have done this, try to come up with a reception theme. A skilled wedding coordinator can often offer you suggestions on how to implement your theme idea. Their job is to make sure that your wishes are properly executed. This still affords you creative control, with the help of a trained professional. The key to having a memorable wedding and wedding reception is to make sure you’re having fun. So, whatever you do and whatever happens, just have fun. This is what your guests will remember more than anything.

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