Choose the Steak that Is Right for You

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Restaurants

There are many different steaks out there in which to choose from. The one you choose is all about the flavor and type of steak you prefer to eat. You may be wondering if there is a certain cut that is better than the rest. In order to find out, you will need to know more about the anatomy of steer, the marbling and tenderness, and what cut is right for what occasion.

The Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon tends to be a tender cut that comes from the tenderloin. It is a small internal muscle in steer that is not used very much. This is why it tends to be tenderer than other cuts. When you want steak to melt in your mouth, then order the Filet Mignon. The Filet Mignon has very little marbling which also makes it a lean choice. The Filet is a steak that is one of the most high in demand. It costs more, but is well worth it. When you want to create a dinner that is romantic and conveys luxury, then the Filet Mignon should be on the menu.

Strip Steak: Great to Cook at Home
If you are looking for a steak that is affordable and can be cooked at home then the strip steak is perfect for you. It is marbled and one of the tenderest steaks for its price range. The average size is 12 oz. which is great for grilling. It is recommended to cook it until it is medium rare to retain its natural juices and enhance flavor.

The Powerhouse of Steaks
Steaks that are part filet and strip are the Porterhouse and T-Bone steaks. The only thing separating them is a bone. The Porterhouse is more of a generous filet, while the T-Bone is named such because of the T-shaped bone in the steak. The primary difference between these two delicious cuts is the size of the tenderloin. They are both magnificent cuts and tend to be tender and juicy when grilled, although they cook differently with the Porterhouse cooking faster than the T-Bone.

The Ribeye
Is a cut that can have the bone in or no bone at all. When it has the bone in, it is known as a Cowboy steak. The Ribeye is a bold steak that has a lot of flavor. It has a lot of marble and is not as lean as a filet. The higher the marble in the cut, the more juicy and flavorful the piece of meat is going to be. This particular cut comes from the beef rib, and tends to be a top choice for steak connoisseurs. It can be cooked on the grill until it reaches medium redness and still keeps its tasty juices and moisture.

The Bold Sirloin
The Sirloin is known to be bold and absolutely bursting with flavor even though this muscle is worked considerably more than other muscles in a steer. It may not be as tender, but if you choose Top Sirloin it will provide you with beautiful results. It is tenderer than the bottom cut and is great for cookouts. Marinate this cut for a few hours to add additional flavor.

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