4 Rules to Tasting Beer

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Bar & Grill

You’re probably familiar with common flavors and beer styles. If you’re on the search for better-tasting options, though, you’ll want to put draft beers on top of your list. Here are a few rules you should know before you pay a visit to the best breweries in Vancouver WA.

Check for smells

Dirty tap lines mean mold and bacteria buildup, Wonder How To says. That’s why you should check your beer for smells. If tastes or smells skunky or has a cabbage-like note, then stop drinking. A skunky aroma is a sign that your beer has a bad flavor.

Avoid green bottles

Heat, air, and light—all three make up major enemies of beer. And while plenty of people are well aware of the first two, the third one can be baffling. What does light to do to beer? The answer: the isohumulones in the beer are sensitive to light and will break down quickly when exposed to light. And because ultraviolet light makes it through green bottles, you’ll want to steer clear of these the next time you’re in one of the best breweries in Vancouver WA for a cold beer.

Pour and observe

Use a glass for your beer. Once that’s done, check the color, size and consistency of the head. Give the glass a gentle swirl to let the beer move around. This should release the subtle scents and nuances of the drink.


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ll want to savor the taste first. Take small sips. Let the beer linger on your tongue and at the top of your throat. You’ll need to resist swallowing the beer. Allow the flavors to settle so they’ll register on your tongue.

These few steps should give you a new appreciation of beer. Put these tips to good use the next time you’re at your favorite bar.

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