How to Eat Healthy at a Great Italian Restaurant

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Restaurants

So, you’ve been watching what you eat but now you’re invited out to the best Italian restaurant in New Jersey. What should you do? The truth is that while there is a lot of Italian fare this is far from healthy, there are often many options on the menu that are wonderful for a dieter to dine on. We’ll share some of our favorites, so you can start getting excited for your night out on the town.

Awesome Appetizers

If the restaurant you are visiting offers a large selection of appetizers, you’re in luck. In many cases, there are options that are low-calorie and low-fat. Any salad without a creamy dressing can be a great way to fill up before your entrée. Look for offerings with lots of fresh veggies and an oil-based dressing. You can also try a soup that is broth-based, rather than creamy, to enjoy the start to your meal. If the restaurant offers garlic clams, this is another dish that is healthy, but you’d never know by the taste.

Pasta Dishes

A pasta that comes with a clam sauce is a great option and is lighter than other options. It does include olive oil, but this is a better option than the butter and cream that are prevalent in many other dishes. In the same vein, a red sauce is also better than something creamier. If there is an option for whole-wheat noodles, that can make it even healthier. Do be aware that many of these dishes are still high in calories, so you might want to bring some leftovers home.

Dishes from the Sea

Any dish that includes fresh seafood or fish from the best Italian restaurant in New Jersey is often a great choice. However, you can still make great choices such as choosing a fish cooked in wine or oil that was roasted or grilled rather than a seafood dish that is fried or breaded or both. A baked salmon or grilled mahi mahi might be just the dish to enjoy but not feel guilty about later.

This should have given you a few tips about what to order at an Italian restaurant when you’re watching your fat or calorie consumption. If you want a fantastic restaurant to enjoy with these new tips, consider The Windlass.

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