How to Get More Out of Your Next Vacation to Kansas City, Missouri

There are many hotels in the Kansas City area you can stay at today, but not every hotel is going to come with the types of features you must have in order to enjoy a true luxury experience. By reviewing some of the most luxurious features found in a boutique hotel in Kansas City, you will better understand exactly what you can expect when staying the night in this magnificent city.

Luxury Amenities Right at the Raceway

While there are many factors to consider when renting a room, the only factor that matters on race day is how close your hotel is to the raceway. For this reason, you should make sure your hotel is as close as possible to the raceway to make it very convenient for you to go to and from your hotel room throughout the day. Some hotels are situated practically right there on the racetrack so that you’ll never have to go far to enjoy your luxury amenities.

Luxurious Interior Spaces Create One-of-a-Kind Experiences

While a hotel with a bar in Kansas City is pretty easy to find, some of these establishments are taking modern luxury to a whole new level. While you certainly want a hotel with a bar in Kansas City, you also want to experience luxurious furnishings and tasteful decorations too. This is why some hotels offer their guests unique experiences through themed rooms. These themed rooms allow for guests to experience the pinnacle of luxury in a fun and entertaining fashion. Whether you are interested in a jungle themed room, or a room that is styled after a spectacular Italian villa, there’s a room for you in one of these modern boutique hotels in Kansas City. If you are interested in experiencing the height of modern luxury in Kansas City, then visit Chateau Avalon at

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