Have You Tried Hoop Cheese?

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Foods

If you haven’t tried hoop cheese then you are missing out on a traditional Southern culinary delight that is well known across the country. Be it a mild or a sharp cheese the depth of flavor is amazing. It is also the perfect accompaniment to an intimate get together as a cheese platter or when included in your cooking.

What Is Hoop Cheese?
Hoop cheese gets its name from the mold that it is formed in. Once the cheese it put into the mold it is then wrapped in a rind to keep it fresh and continue the aging process. It is hands down the best way to experience cheese the way it was meant to be experienced. Many cheeses today are a mixture of chemicals and it can often have an artificial flavor. The cheese can also sometimes seem almost flavorless and it feels like you are just chewing on plastic. With mild or sharp hoop cheese you are getting an authentic tasting experience.

Cheese Is So Useful
The beautiful thing about cheese is that its uses are almost limitless. From soups to stews, served on a platter or melted over vegetables, even just adding a slice to a sandwich provides an extra depth of flavor. Cheese could possibly be the most versatile ingredient that anyone can have in the kitchen. That is why so many people have hoop cheese from Columbus, GA in their pantry.

A Success for a Reason
It is time to discover what so many already know. Stripling’s General Store makes the finest hoop cheese in Georgia and their customers know the incredible flavors they provide. From their mild red rind cheese to their sharper black rind you can find the cheese that is perfect to fit your needs and flavor preference. Visit their website today and find out more about their wonderful hoop cheeses and the sizes they come in.

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