Cheap Hotels in Central London Put You Close to Attractions

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Hotels

If you want to check out cheap hotels in central london, in order to be close to city life and all the local attractions and events, you may be able to do so even on a modest budget. It just takes a little planning and maybe contacting the hotel ahead of time. In fact, you may want to not only check the travel websites that put together travel packages, but also contact the hotel directly. Sometimes, hotels offer specials and discounts that they cannot offer online through any other source. You may find discounts during a slow season, discounts if you’re willing to stay overnight on a particular day of the week, and more.

Just because you’re considering cheap hotels in central london doesn’t mean you’ll have to make do with a shower down the hall. At the very least, you’ll be able to find something at a decent price with your own private toilet and shower, comfortable bedding, tea and coffee, and even a complimentary breakfast. It may not be a traditional English breakfast, but may include eggs, pastries, yogurt, toast, jam, and fresh fruit.

As long as your hotel is clean and comfortable, you may be more focused on what you’ll be doing when you’re out and about all day. London is one of the world’s most modern and yet most historic cities. You may want to start with a ride on the London Eye just to get an idea of all there is to do and see. Take a ride on a boat along the Thames River for a different viewpoint. Of course, there is Buckingham Palace, which most visitors to London for the first time love to say they got the chance to see.

You will also find all kinds of attractions that aren’t necessarily the top of the list on the typical tourist attractions, but they’re full of history. For example, you might want to visit Churchill’s war rooms. This is a fascinating museum that is set up in the same underground location that Churchill occupied during the war, and everything, from the ink blotters to the typewriters, is all set up just as it was.

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