Where To Find Vegan Brunch In NYC

by | Feb 4, 2013 | Restaurants

Sunday brunch is one of the best meals of the week because you not only get to enjoy a wonderful meal but you also get to enjoy time with those that you love around the table. Typically our lives are so busy that we do not get to enjoy visiting with our extended family that much, but brunch gives us a chance to do that. If you and your family love to get together for Sunday brunch in New York City but you have no idea where the best Vegan places to visit are located, you will be glad to find a few of them mentioned in this article.

First off is the Sacred Chow. At this vegan restaurant you can enjoy a wonderful brunch in NYC. Their menu includes such things as organic beer, tasty soups and delicious desserts. They are best known for their mouth-watering biscuits. The Sacred Chow has some of the best biscuits you will find in New York City. Almost the entire menu here is Vegan so you and your family will not have to worry about going off of your vegan diet by eating here. Next time you are in NYC be sure to visit the Sacred Chow.

The Organic Grille is also a great place to have brunch in NYC. You can enjoy such things as vegan omelets here as well as whatever can be placed on a grill. Even though they offer some foods that are not vegan, they offer a brunch that is sure to please your vegan needs.

The V-Spot Café is another good place to enjoy brunch in NYC. This restaurant has a nice outdoor patio in which you and your family can enjoy a nice brunch together. Everything they offer at the V-Spot Café is vegan so you and your family can rest assured that your vegan needs are being met and that you are not deviating from your eating plan in any way. You can also get some great breakfast wraps here that you may not have ever thought about before. They are famous for making wraps filled with foods you may not have thought about putting together. They can make anything taste good together and are a great restaurant in which to enjoy brunch with your family.

As you can see there are a good number of places for vegans to enjoy a nice brunch. These are only a few of the best that we know of, but there are plenty more to choose from in NYC. If you would like to find out more places to dine for a vegan brunch in NYC you can search online and find a ton of them! Enjoy!


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