What to Look for When Selecting a Meeting Venue in Heathrow

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Hotels

If you or your business is looking for the right meeting venue in Heathrow, you’ll be looking for accommodations that include not just the expected guest room amenities, but also the ability to provide conference rooms with telephone connections and internet access. The guests attending the conference may have concerns about dining options, car parking costs, and proximity to the airport.

Hotels near the Heathrow airport may offer a specific kind of package called park and fly lodging packages. These are specific packaged rates for single rooms, double-bed rooms, twin bed rooms, and family accommodations. They include car parking rates for a set number of days. The other kind of packaged offer is a conference room package that gives each delegate to the conference a special room rate which also includes park and go.

You’ll want to ask if the hotel has any dining options on site to make it convenient for your guests and make the most efficient use of everyone’s travel time. The restaurant may have a buffet breakfast as well as serve lunch and dinner. There may be a lounge, too, for sandwiches and burgers, and a pub for guests to relax at the end of their work day.

Some hotels, because of their proximity to the airport, cater specifically to business travellers, and they have not just one conference room, but a selection of available conference rooms for booking. There are several things to look for and ask about when making your enquiries. You may want to make sure the room has air conditioning. Ask about the lighting options and if the room also has windows. Ask how many power outlets and telephone points are in the room, and if there is one microphone socket or more than one. You’ll want to check the dimensions of the rooms, but you’ll also be wise to ask how the seating and tables can be arranged and if the dimensions of the room will allow for it. Some people may want the tables and chairs set up in a U-shape, while others may want a boardroom-style arrangement, or theatre seating, or cabaret style, or a classroom configuration.

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