What are all-inclusive resorts?

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Hotels

When you book a resort vacation you can choose from one which is all inclusive or one which includes only certain basic amenities. Most people prefer and all inclusive resort vacation as they are assured of accommodations, all the meals they require, activities and amenities, all for one price. The term “all inclusive” may mean something different from one resort to another but your room, food and activities are covered, others may include airport pick-up and return transport or other small perks.

Many all inclusive resorts in St Pete Beach offer the same package to all their guests, other resorts can custom tailor the package to suit the individual guest. Some of these resorts focus on a particular cross section of guests, perhaps single people, couples only or families.

Resorts in St Pete Beach that provide all-in vacations offer everything the guest will need while in residence. The room or suite, three meals a day in the resort restaurants of which there is usually more than one, food and drinks. Any and all of the available recreational facilities are included as this often is what separates one resort from another. If the guest is an avid golfer, then having access to the resorts course is the big draw. Other guests are drawn by beach activities, fishing or reef diving.

There are resorts that cater exclusively to couple and their all in package often includes a wedding package. There are also resorts that cater to singles only and are rigid about their “no children” policy and there are others that cater to families.

The whole idea behind all-inclusive resorts is that they offer proven, high quality services and activities for the guests, everything is held within the confines of the resort and it is an all-in price; in this way the guests do not have to stray into unfamiliar territory by leaving the resort nor will they have other expenses during their stay. As the level of services goes up, so does the price. Those resorts which are known for their gourmet dining and championship golf courses can command a higher price.

In some instances “all inclusive” does have a caveat or two. Perhaps the all in drinks do not include premium brands or there is a limit to the daily free consumption. When this is the case the resort brochures will specify these facts.

There are many resorts in St Pete Beach but there is only one Beachcomber Beach Resort Hotel. Every well appointed guest room includes any and all amenities that one would expect from a high class establishment.







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