The Common Types of Donuts You’ll Find in Most Donut Shops in Chicago

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Donuts

Everyone often has their preference when it comes to donut types. While you cannot buy happiness, you can always find it on donuts. Whether it is chocolate glazed, jelly-filled, or dusted with cinnamon, donuts can excite your day and moods alike. However, before you stop at donut shops in Chicago, here is a list of common types of donuts you will most likely find:

Glazed Donuts

Glazed donuts are one of the most common types of donuts in Chicago. These donuts are made with a classic circular design with a hole at the center. This gives them a shape similar to a ring. The glazed donuts also have icing sugar which gives them a glossy outlook. In some donut shops in Chicago, the donuts are baked with food colors, milk, and drops of vanilla essence to balance the sugary taste.

Sprinkled Donuts

Just as the name suggests, these donuts come with several sprinkles on their surface. These donuts can be made in different shapes and sizes. However, the baseline is that the final product must have sprinkles of different colors.

Boston Cream Donuts

This is one of the most common threats you’ll find in most donut shops in Chicago. They are cylindrical with cream toppings all over. The donuts are filled with vanilla custard to bring out the yummy taste. If you are a donut fanatic, this treat will be your thing.

Other common types of donuts to look for include cinnamon twist donuts, cronuts, long john, apple fritters, crullers, and jelly donut, to have a taste of some of the most delicious donuts in Chicago.

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