The Best Way to Improve your Office Building Directory. Go Digital!

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Business Services

Office building signage is a lot more than simple signage for a business. Some office building owners and managers still prefer the traditional way to help customers get around their property.

But the tech-savvy office building owners are moving away from old style building directories towards digital ones. Now digital signage is very popular and used to create a digital building directories for modern buildings. Many brands, and businesses alike have moved towards digital already and many that don’t are being left behind and losing an easy way to improve their building’s perceived value.

Digital Directory signage is a good and innovative way to complement physical spaces with digital way finding solutions.

A new modern digital directory sign can create an amazing and engaging experience with the customers thereby providing personalized assistance to them. This deepens the engagement level between the brand and its customers and improves customer service greatly.

Where is digital signage most commonly placed and used?

Digital signage is usually placed and used at places where we have a huge space and people might find it difficult to track their way to the destination.

Airports – The airport terminal is one the most common place you might find hundreds of digital directories to give you a good idea of what they can do.

On daily basis thousands of personnel as well as passengers travel through and these signs can be used for marketing and wayfinding. While some may be frequent travellers, there can be several tourists as well as newbies.

Digital signage simply enhances the experience of passengers and visitors to the airport. In fact, custom digital directories can serve as a lifeline in case of emergencies and can make passengers feel comfortable in the huge airport space. It helps people to find their gate, amenities, and baggage. In addition, they can provide weather forecasts and travel information to the passengers.

Retail malls – Digital directories signs must be incorporated into retail malls and stores to help direct customer traffic and help them in finding out the products on their shopping list. This is a good way for showcasing the products which are top selling and the offers related to it. This can increase the revenue of the store.

Restaurants – Digital signage in a restaurant can showcase the order number, estimated wait time, current ongoing order number and menu boards. Digital directories signs in a restaurant includes an interactive display, TV, or a real-time customization.

Offices – Offices and corporate directories take full advantage of the advanced wayfinding capabilities of digital building directories design.

Hotels – Digital building directories solutions are quickly replacing the map and brochure kiosk at many hotels. The digital way finding signage can help you locate the in-room features, amenities, entertainment zone, eateries in and around the hotel premises.

Schools – Digital directories signs can be an innovative way to overcome the communication challenges across school campuses.

Custom Digital Directories are a great investment —

With the help of the digital signage the weather information, alerts, news, social media posts, marketing messages, amenities and directions in and around the location can be displayed. This is helping the brand for improving the value of the place where it can be used. Hence it is important to incorporate digital signage while designing or constructing your new space. It can enhance the aesthetics of your place and improve the customer satisfaction to a great extent. Hence it is worth your money.

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