Red carpet rolled out for guests and profits

by | Oct 20, 2011 | Hotels

Most areas of tourist attractions have a broad variety of options when it is a question of destination hotels and, while some markets aren’t competitive in terms of amenities because the options are limited, others are very competitive. There are many small towns that offer one or two Bed and Breakfast inns and, in most cases, they offer the same amenities and rates. Competition isn’t such an issue since there’s enough business to have for all of them. Most are close to downtown or local attractions that the town has to offer. Their rates of occupancy may fluctuate with their busy season sometimes but otherwise they’re mostly occupied regularly, regardless of hotel supplies, thanks to a super combination of local needs and tourism.

Though resort areas are known for their history and beaches, there are numerous hotels that stand out because of their amenities. Microwave ovens, mini refrigerators and Jacuzzi tubs are common amenities in many of the hotels. Most destination hotels furnish their guest rooms with hotel supplies to accommodate the typical needs of the guest. Beach town guests enjoy a stay for 3-5 days on an average. So fully equipped kitchenettes or in unit washers and dryers are amenities that are highly appreciated. Fluffy towels, stylish information binders and modern alarm clocks are also supplies that can be regarded as basic these days.

Destination hotels whose guest rooms include an assortment of amenities and hotel supplies are booked because they’re a great value. Offering consumers a super value helps in increasing occupancy rates.

destination hotels

destination hotels

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