Looking for Something New and Tasty for Lunch? Oak Brook’s Bakery Has It

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Restaurant

Working in or near Oak Brook, IL, means that you are probably trying to find something decent for lunch every day. Instead of the same old, same old, there are “mom and pop” restaurants and cafes you should try. They tend to offer fresher and healthier options than many of the national franchise chains. One place, in particular, offers an Oak Brook lunch salad that scores high on customers’ lists.

Eight Lunch Salads Equally Delicious

Most restaurants or cafes only offer a couple of salads, three salad options at most. This cafe offers eight. All ingredients in these salads are fresh, and you can add a protein option if you want a little something extra in with the greens. A couple of the Oak Brook lunch salads also have nuts and chopped or diced fruits, like walnuts and apples. They are quite refreshing and very healthy on hotter workdays.

Get Salads Delivered or To Go

Perhaps the most delightful thing about getting a delicious salad from this bakery and cafe in Oak Brook is that you can order ahead and pick it up to go. You can also use food delivery apps to have your salads delivered to work or home so that you can finish other tasks you need to tackle. Order extras to store for munching later or create a daily delivery list to ensure that lunch is always ready.

To see all of your available salad options from this particular bakery and cafe, go to Labriola Bakery & Cafe via LabriolaBakeryCafe.com.

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