Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey Accounts for the Enduring Importance of Corn

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Foods

When European explorers first arrived in the Americas, they were, naturally enough, surprised by a great many things. From the impressive diversity of the cultures they encountered as they spread out across the continents to the beauty of the land itself, they often understandably felt that they were visitors to a truly new world. One of the most striking things to some of the more observant early explorers was the extent to which so many people in the Americas depended upon corn for nutrition. The discovery of a process called nixtamalization had turned a humble grain into an impressive source of protein that was capable of supporting some of the largest and most complex human societies of all. Specialists at hispanic food distribution in New Jersey today reflect the fundamental importance of nixtamalized corn in various ways with their own offerings.

Schedule an appointment with such a supplier and it will become clear that there are any number of ways for restaurants to make their own use of this processed form of corn. The most basic of all of these is likely to order fresh masa dough, with this being the direct product of the process that, among other things, breaks down certain parts of corn kernels to make them more nutritious. Although masa has a relatively short shelf life, it can be turned directly into tortillas, huaraches, arepas, pupusas, and many other foods that have been popular throughout Latin American for hundreds or thousands of years.

When that would be too time-consuming or labor-intensive for a particular restaurant to contemplate, experts at Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey can often lighten the load. Just as the raw materials are easy to come by, so are prepared, ready-to-eat tortillas and the like. In many cases, there will be a number of choices for each so restaurants can choose to focus on authenticity or pursue goals of other kinds. As a result, restaurants and other food service companies throughout the Garden State have excellent ways of participating in the same impressive traditions that European explorers from so many centuries ago often found so striking and distinctive.

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