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by | Nov 21, 2018 | Business Services

Investigations and studies have revealed that Digital Menus for Restaurants Chains can increase your restaurant’s sale effectively. We can take an example of Burger King. After installing digital menu boards in London, Burger King found a 64% increase in sales and within one year. Also, UK based prime Burger found a 50% increase in sales after implementing digital signage-based menus. Also, the increase in sales depends upon the way how exactly do restaurants use digital signage to increase sales? There are several ways to install digital menu boards that can increase a restaurant’s revenue.

In the past, Static menus were used in the restaurants but there were a lot of limitations of them as you can can’t update the content easily, Restaurants were not able to change the menu on the fly. Also, they are not able to change prices or correct typos, and they are certainly not able to use captivating video content. Today, more and more restaurants are turning to digital signage as a solution for their menu boards. And these Best digital menus are working a lot in generating the traffic to the restaurants.

Now we will discuss some useful ways and techniques through which the sale of the restaurants can be increased. These are the useful tips that can be applied by any restaurant. Have a look on them.

1. Update Prices Quickly: With the help of digital menu boards, prices can be quickly updated from a central dashboard and restaurants can maintain the margins they need to stay financially healthy.

2. Appealing Images and Video- If we see in the case of Static signage, it doesn’t have the visual appeal of digital signage. With the help of digital menu boards, restaurants can provide customers bright and dynamic visuals that can excite a customer’s appetite. Menu offerings with movement and animation engages the customers well.

3. Advertise Special Offers, Discounts and Promotions- With the help of custom digital menus, owners can integrate special Offers, Discounts and Promotions in their menus. Moreover, restaurants can integrate animated visuals of up-sells or combo deals directly next to the main food item or meal the customer is ordering. In this way, you can get the attraction and visit of the customers.

4. Remove Off-menu Items- When any item which is temporarily out of stock, you can delete easily from the previous menu list. We see sometimes customers gets irritated when they do the order and the staff said “NO” for it. So, for making the positive reputation of your restaurants, installing of custom digital menus will work a lot to update your menu list accordingly.

Digital Menus for Restaurants Chains can give you some of the most promising features over static boards. They can provide us:

  • variety of color options, graphic options and design options.
  • Options to Update your menu daily
  • flexibility to Move anywhere.
  • option of Instant Update

“It’s the time to change with the technology. So, Walk with Trend”. In short, world is switching to the digital and public is preferring this digital world. Install the Best digital menus to come in the world of competition.

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