Defining Luxury Accommodations in Oman

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Hotels

The term luxury accommodations in Oman gets used a lot but what does it really mean. Clearly not every accommodation in Oman can be considered luxury accommodations in Oman, so what you should consider as a luxury accommodation in Oman?

Defining Luxury

Luxury is a standard. Defining luxury must include:

1. The location-a super prime location is always helpful when defining what a luxurious accommodation should feel like. Typically, a luxury hotel will be beach front in Oman, with access to a private beach area, that is well-kept and beautiful.

2. The décor-luxury is also defined by the décor of the establishment. Good taste, high quality materials all point to what you can expect in the rooms.

3. The staff-an attentive staff is a must to be able to call accommodations luxurious. The staff should be well-trained and provide the kind of attentive service that makes you feel pampered.

4. The amenities- an onsite spa really points to whether a hotel is really a luxury hotel or not. After all part of being surrounded by luxury is being pampered.  There should be well-maintained swimming pools and jacuzzi options as well as other amenities that you would expect to find at a hotel of this standard.

5. The rooms- the rooms should be spacious, nicely appointed and comfortable. You can always tell a luxury hotel by the care they take in choosing bedding!

There is one hotel that comes to mind in Oman that really has set the standard when it comes to luxury accommodations! Fanar Hotel and Residences has really set the standard for luxury. From the beautiful spa to the private beach to the beautifully maintained property you can really have it all at the Fanar Hotel and Residences! Book your stay today!

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