Cottages provide a spectacular view and perfect ambience!

by | Oct 20, 2011 | General

Cottages are always considered as the idle place to stay in a country side. It is the best way to experience country side life. Such self-catering cottages are very common in United Kingdom. Self catering cottages are basically a vacation spot with all the usual amenities of a home.

Cottages are very convenient. They not only provide all the amenities that would make you feel at home, but are also kind to your wallet. This is the reason a lot of English people prefer taking a cottage rather than staying in a hotel that costs a lot. Every service provided by a hotel is charged. Therefore anytime a better option would be to stay in a cottage.

It feels like a vacation where you cook your own meals. Cottages provide you with all the required kitchen ware just like your own home, recreating a home sweet home feeling. Cottages seem to be the best option for the following reasons:


As discussed above, cottages are kind on your wallet if compared to the cost of staying in a hotel. The cost incurred in a hotel is high especially when family and relatives are together. It is more economical to rent a cottage.


The ambience and surrounding that cottages provide are the best. You can select a cottage as per your choice, Englishmen prefer cottages in the countryside because of the view it provides. There are great spots to visit and that too without travelling much. That means more fun and less of travelling.


The food that a hotel provides may not match your preferences. It may not necessarily be healthy for your child’s diet either. Therefore the system of cooking your own food whilst at a cottage seems very promising.



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